6 juni 2009

pQg - New release, new name

Hi, I have released a new release of my SQL to JDO wrapper for use at Google App Engine. Of course the name changes at every release, it's now pQg, PHP with SQL on Google App Engine.

It is still in an early stage, it's a hobby project.

See it live @ Google App Engine

For now this is the Manual :-)

3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

How is the progress going on? Do I still have to use only lowercase SQL commands? Are there more than select, update, delete and insert? Does Wordpress work well using your wrapper?

Anoniem zei

@Anoniem: Not much progress, I'm working on other things. BtW: In the latest version the lowercase limit is solved.

Anoniem zei

how to store files (blob) with pQg?