4 september 2015

Champ: Apache, MySQL & PHP from source on your Chromebook

Champ = CH(romebook) A(pache) M(ySQL) P(hp)

Lamp is pretty popular and a well know term in the Web Developers world, Wamp also exists, and I have used Xampp with pleasure for many years.

But this blog posting is about the real champion: It's about Champ !!!

Ch = Chromebook
a  = Apache
m  = MySQL
p  = PHP

Turn your Chromebook into a low cost Apache/PHP/MySQL development machine, run Apache/PHP/MySQL offline, develop LAMP websites offline.

It started because I wanted to test my own PHP apps with the new PHP 7.0 version that was in in that time in beta stage. I was wondering if I could use my Chromebook for this. YES, that was possible !

( ok ok, the term Champ is technically wrong, I have used Debian in a chroot environment that is setup by Crouton, so it is still Lamp, but the term Champ is just to good not to use it )

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