25 juni 2009

WMB 6.1 @ Ubuntu 9.04

I have WMB with DB2 & MQ running on my Ubuntu 9.04 laptop, this blog posting shows what I have done to get that working.

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6 juni 2009

pQg - New release, new name

Hi, I have released a new release of my SQL to JDO wrapper for use at Google App Engine. Of course the name changes at every release, it's now pQg, PHP with SQL on Google App Engine.

It is still in an early stage, it's a hobby project.

See it live @ Google App Engine

For now this is the Manual :-)
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1 juni 2009

How to use pQg

Ok, there are still a lot of bugs and most of the functionality is not yet implemented, but here is a HOW-TO posting about using pQg in your own PHP scripts at GAE.

pQg stands for PHP with SQL on Google App Engine, with pQg you can use SQL statements in PHP at Google App Engine.

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