24 mei 2009

SQL to JDO for PHP at GAE

Started a project that makes it possible to use 'normal' SQL like below in PHP scripts at Google App Engine.
sql("insert into demo (field1, field2) values(1, 'Yes it works')");

$rows = sql("select demo, field1, field2 from table order by demo desc");

sql("update demo set field1 = $field1 where demo = $demo");

sql("delete from demo where demo = $demo");

There is now a new version, see below blog postings about it.

pQg- Use SQL in PHP scripts at GAE

How to use pQg

4 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Nice, I will try it soon.

Anoniem zei

mooi hoor

Derak zei

Thanks for sharing your CRUD grid code.

Anoniem zei

very nice, appreciate it~